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Don’t Be Fooled

Are you wasting time and money because you haven’t relied upon a professional who can handle your business issue?  Don’t be fooled by companies who approach you by regular mailings, email, or telemarketing calls offering to value your business and help you sell it for very little […]

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What is ACTI?

Appraisal CERTIFICATION & Training Institute, LLC. ACTI Certification was originally founded as Pro Biz Consulting, USA, LLC in 2001 to separate the fee-based business valuations and appraisal work of Pro Biz from the contingency fee-based Business Brokerage business of Pro Biz Consulting, Inc. After completing formal training […]

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Business Valuation or Appraisal must be completely unbiased

This comment comes as a result of a prospective Business Valuation Client I just talked to. After investing several hours in learning what the Client needed, digging deeper to understand the situation and the kind of help she would need and explaining what we do, I fully […]

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