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What is ACTI?


Appraisal CERTIFICATION & Training Institute, LLC.

ACTI Certification was originally founded as Pro Biz Consulting, USA, LLC in 2001 to separate the fee-based business valuations and appraisal work of Pro Biz from the contingency fee-based Business Brokerage business of Pro Biz Consulting, Inc. After completing formal training and certification by two leaders in the industry, by Pro Biz in 2006, 2007 and 2008, and performing many certified appraisals, Pro Biz was vetted and approved by the FDIC in 2009 and launched into FF&E and M&E appraisals for a multitude of failed banks in Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri and Texas. During this period Pro Biz recruited and trained more than 25 individuals between 2009 and 2010. This positive experience lead to the name change to ACTI with more emphasis on recruiting, training and certifying other individuals for this vital work. Pro Biz observed a general lack of proper training, work ethic, expertise and professionalism within this industry by uncertified persons. In addition it was observed that some who had received actually received a diploma had little real understanding, were doing more harm than good and were accountable to no one! On too many occasions Pro Biz was called upon to redo or repair the damage a previous person had fouled up. In addition, it is the heart of Pro Biz to provide employment opportunities for some of our returning and retiring serviceman and women. Thus, ACTI now offers on-line training and employment opportunities in the field of appraisals to motivated, honest and teachable individuals with a preference given to Veterans. Individuals can train on-line from any place in the United States. As ACTI receives appraisal requests nationwide, these opportunities will be provided to ACTI trained and certified individuals. It is our belief that by taking the High Ground and attracting persons with a sincere desire to work and to excel, the ACTI Leadership Partners, as graduates are referred to, we can best serve American companies, their owners and our fellow citizens.

*It should be noted that business appraisal work requires a certain business aptitude that not everyone possesses. On line training for Veterans who later find themselves mismatched to this industry or type of work may receive 100% refund of any ACTI fees within One Year. There are no catches or strings attached other than relinquishing one’s certification.

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