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Don’t Let Inflation Stop You from Buying a Business or Making a Solid Business Acquisition.

Let’s go back to Argentina. Inflation there today is ‘only’ 50% post pandemic.

 #1 If you live there it feels very different.  #2. Argentines have lost confidence in their paper currency.  #3. Sounds a lot like  Raleigh, NC – if you are building a wood deck!

“Argentina is the world’s biggest exporter of soymeal – crushed soybeans largely used as animal feed. But rather than export their soymeal, Argentine farmers are holding back their beans, selling just limited amounts to cover on-going costs; the beans are being held onto as a hedge against probable future declines in the value of the Peso.”

1).Is this a good time or a bad time to Buy a Small or Large Business? To make a Business Acquisition?

My position is that this is not just a good time to make a business acquisition, it may turn out to be the Best Time in decades to buy a business. 

Now, that being said, not everyone is cut out to be a business owner. If you have always wanted to, go for it.  Do it now.

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