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How A Buyer’s Agent Can Help You Buy or Invest in a Small Raleigh, NC Business, Using ERISA.

WHAT IS ROBS? ROBS is not ‘Rob’, as in “I was robbed”. The Capital ‘R’ stands for Rollover.  I am talking about Rolling Over Retirement Savings.  In this case Business Start Ups. That is IRS speak for diversifying ‘some’ (NOT all!) of that stock or CD money in your 401-k or IRA into […]

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Is This a Good Time to Buy a Small or Large Raleigh, NC Business, What Types Have the Better Future Outlook for Success?

There is no perfect answer. Much depends on your skill set, experience and what you like, but at the top on my list in an increasing Inflation would be a Small to Medium Sized Manufacturing or Distribution Company. This may be out of your price range to buy, […]

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Don’t Let Inflation Stop You from Buying a Business or Making a Solid Business Acquisition.

Let’s go back to Argentina. Inflation there today is ‘only’ 50% post pandemic.  #1 If you live there it feels very different.  #2. Argentines have lost confidence in their paper currency.  #3. Sounds a lot like  Raleigh, NC – if you are building a wood deck! “Argentina is the world’s […]

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Inflation: Buy or Sell a Business – Inflation Must Be Factored In.

Inflation is simply ‘more’.  Monetary Inflation is printing more money.  Price Inflation is simply that it costs more to buy things.  We all know that the US went off the Gold Standard.  At that point in time, the US Dollar became ‘fiat’.  The year was 1971. The Dollar has lost much of its value since then […]

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Buy or Sell. Business Acquisition in Raleigh, North Carolina, Yes!

But What Is Going On in the NC Economy? Is It a Good Time to Buy a Future Related Business? Now may be the right time to consider a business acquisition in Raleigh, NC. What is a ‘future’ related Business?  Basically, you are betting on the future, in particular, the […]

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