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Archive for May 2021

What Did Elon Musk on SNL Teach Us About Business Acquisition?

Love him or hate him, there is no denying he is smart.  And rich!  If you are looking seriously at Buying a Small or Medium Business, or you have one on your radar and need a second set of eyes before pulling the trigger, that’s what Pro Biz does. And […]

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Do Opportunities Abound to Buy a Small Business With Current Job Reports?

In one word, YES! Opportunities abound to buy a small business. There are opportunities in dozens of categories.  In this article, the focus is on Labor. The current job reports, so far in 2021, are discouraging.  How do you hire new labor at $11.00 per hour, as the job […]

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In Today’s New Environment, You Need a Business Acquisition Consultant More Than Ever!

Business Acquisition, just a fancy way of saying, Buying a Business. What has changed? Several things. Today we have a New Business Environment.  A year and more of Lockdowns. Masks. Covid 19 daeths and Covid Vaccine shortages and Social Distancing.  How many businesses have failed as a result? No […]

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How to Ramp up Hobby Farm Profits & ALL FARMING PROFITS TOO! All Hail Hemp!

Whether you farm as your primary occupation, or have a Hobby Farm, be it a back yard garden plot, or like me you own some recreational property.  (Mine is our Family-owned Hunting Property in Michigan, that includes chicken and a 1/3-acre fruit orchard), this Business Consulting Article may […]

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