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Archive for November 2015

A Business Appraiser’s Genius PLAN TO Fund Social Security

I’m a Business Appraiser and a Businessman and I’ve been paying careful attention to all the Presidential Debates.  I also was a Financial Planner and a CFP years ago, so like so many others, I am horrified at the Trillions of USA debt and the huge interest […]

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Should I get a business appraisal if I am filing bankruptcy?

The answer is “yes” if you own a business.  Large or small, you need to know what it is worth.  There are two kinds of bankruptcy in this regard, one is personal and the other is business only.  Ask Donald Trump.  He used the bankruptcy laws to […]

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Should I get a business appraisal during a divorce?

How to avoid a “Cage Fight”, in a divorce over physical property: If you have a fair amount of assets, YES!   Often in a divorce, two parties are in dispute and the assets are the arena of the “Cage Fight”. What determines “a fair amount of property in […]

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