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Business Evaluations

Evaluations of Businesses (appraisals) are needed in many different areas. If you are a business owner, you know the difference.

An appraisal “appraises” the assets of a business. But the total “value” of the business is greater than the sum of its machinery and equipment.

A Business Valuation starts with the asset appraisal, but it includes intangibles.  Things like “how long you have been in business” and “loyal customer base”. You can’t measure these intangible “assets” with the same measuring techniques we use to appraise your machinery and equipment.  Yet if you omit them, you have short changed the true market value of your business.

  • Buyers of businesses need to understand: “How the Business was Priced.”
  • Sellers of the business need to obtain the “The Selling Price.”
  • Gifting a business to a family member: the accountant and/or tax attorney need a base for the tax structure.
  • Lenders of money for businesses want to verify that the purchase price is what it should be. They will request an evaluation of the business from a certified source.
  • Divorce attorneys need the value of the business to effectively represent you in determining the division of the family assets. The family business is a substantial and important asset and has Value.
  • Partnership disputes: “How much should I pay to my Partner to get him/her out of the business?”
  • Estate Planning: when creating a will, the business evaluation sets the value as of the date and time the will was executed. An update of the evaluation usually is requested at the time the will is probated.
  • Many widows are in need of evaluations for settling the estate of their spouses.

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