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What Did Elon Musk on SNL Teach Us About Business Acquisition?

Love him or hate him, there is no denying he is smart.  And rich!  If you are looking seriously at Buying a Small or Medium Business, or you have one on your radar and need a second set of eyes before pulling the trigger, that’s what Pro Biz does. And that’s why we watched Saturday Night Live the night Elon Musk was the guest host.  Not for the jokes, although a couple were hilarious.  We watched to see why a Billionaire, arguably the richest or almost the richest man in the world would lower himself, humiliate himself to the satire and mockery that were sure to follow. And the answer was, because that is how he got so doggone rich! He was not afraid. Business Acquisition consulting when buying a small business in NC, SC & VA.

Narcissist or foolish, he cared not.  He got in so many plugs for Tesla and Dogecoin and SpaceX, even I was flummoxed.  He gets an idea, maybe whacky, maybe revolutionary, but he is unafraid to “run it up the flag pole”.  Let’s make that our “take-away”.  Regarding Business Acquisition, don’t be afraid.  Yes, it’s a risk.  You may be even called whacky during the pandemic or post-pandemic. “Success is the Best Revenge” as regards naysayers and mockers.

We have a lot to worry about, don’t we?  It seems government spending is out of control. That we are throwing Trillions of Dollars around like Monopoly money. Is Elon Musk staying home, waiting this insanity out, hoping it will pass?  That’s not what I watched Saturday night on SNL.  Regarding NC (and VA and SC) Business Acquisition, Prime Time Opportunity to Buy and Grow a Business, I want to be more like Elon Musk!   

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