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In Today’s New Environment, You Need a Business Acquisition Consultant More Than Ever!

Business Acquisition, just a fancy way of saying, Buying a Business. What has changed? Several things. Today we have a New Business Environment.  A year and more of Lockdowns. Masks. Covid 19 daeths and Covid Vaccine shortages and Social Distancing.  How many businesses have failed as a result? No one has the number, but it’s a lot. Here in North Carolina, from Wilmington to Raleigh, to Greensboro to Charlotte and Asheville, hundreds more are teeter-tottering on the brink of closing. If ever you were looking for a bargain – this is it!  But how do you know you are not buying someone else’s “Money-Pit”? A business acquisition consultant can help you with your decisions when looking to buy a business.

That’s where we come in. Pro Biz Consulting, Appraisal and M&A Advisers, Inc. can be your “second set of eyes”. We are Business Acquisition experts. We will help you ask the right questions, analysis the answers, weigh the data and appraise the values. 

Before the pandemic, you might have seriously wanted to open or buy a restaurant, as just one example. But the cost was too high.  And You are glad you didn’t, right?  But now, look around.  That restaurant that was priced at Half a Million Dollars is now only one more financial Quarter away from bankruptcy or closing. How do you determine if now is the right time to cash in on the “rebound” of the Economy? How do you weigh in on “revival”? How do you determine price and terms now?  How do you finance a business that used to Gross  $50K a month and has been losing $5-10K a month for 12-18 months?  

Engage Pro Biz.  We can’t guarantee your success, but we can greatly increase the odds in your favor.       

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