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Do Opportunities Abound to Buy a Small Business With Current Job Reports?

In one word, YES! Opportunities abound to buy a small business. There are opportunities in dozens of categories.  In this article, the focus is on Labor. The current job reports, so far in 2021, are discouraging.  How do you hire new labor at $11.00 per hour, as the job used to call for, before Covid, when the former employee does not want to come back because he is getting an extra $300 a week from “Relief” – and the labor market is rampant with this “Relief”. “It is killing jobs,” you say. “I would be crazy to buy this business, even though it’s now listed with a broker at a bargain price!”

Wait, take a breath.  Do some math.  And do like Pro Biz does.  Weigh all the factors before giving up on your dream to be your own boss, your dream to be the owner, self-employed, and to be self-determined! It just might be that, as a Consultant to you regarding business acquisition, we can help you break the paradigm.  

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