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How to Ramp up Hobby Farm Profits & ALL FARMING PROFITS TOO! All Hail Hemp!

Whether you farm as your primary occupation, or have a Hobby Farm, be it a back yard garden plot, or like me you own some recreational property.  (Mine is our Family-owned Hunting Property in Michigan, that includes chicken and a 1/3-acre fruit orchard), this Business Consulting Article may […]

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Consumer Price Inflation is Coming to North Carolina

This will have a significant impact on Buying or Selling a Business: (1.) The Decision Making Process,  (2.) The Valuation of the Business and the Price you will pay now, or pay  later , (3.) How a Target Acquisition will be a Big Winner or Loser due […]

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No Action Letter

As an M&A Broker, sometimes the Business Sale or Transfer is an “Asset” sale and sometimes it’s a “Stock” sale.  There are important differences, advantages and disadvantages to each. And for each party, Buyer, Seller and Broker. This is also true for your Pro Biz M&A Adviser […]

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ProBiz Consulting Inc receives 2013 North Carolina Excellence Award

ProBiz Consulting Inc receives 2013 North Carolina Excellence Award  October 2nd 2013 –  ProBiz Consulting Inc has been selected for the 2013 North Carolina Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the Small Business Institute for Excellence in Commerce (SBIEC). Each year the SBIEC conducts business […]

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